Gruenstifter - Environmental management & Ecosystem valuation

We implement specific conservation projects and campaigns with environmental content.
We create fields of action for participatory and practical nature conservation and environmental protection.

Ecosystem valuation

We create environmental surveys, ecological expert reports, environmental impact assessments (EIA), FFH compatibility studies, construction environmental management plans (CEMP), feasibility studies.

Treecare & Tree planting

We offer a wide range of services. Tree surgery: Tree Pruning Operations & Tree Removal Works. Tree planting. We create environmental surveys, ecological expert reports, environmental impact assessments (EIA) etc.

Protection of species

All birds, their nest and eggs are protected by law, and it is thus an offence to damage or destroy an active nest or prevent parent birds access to their nests.  

We know what laws are observed. We consult you. We implement compensatory measures like installing nest-boxes.

Specialized technical support

The practical implementation of conservation actions is one of our excellences. We develop ideas and innovations and implement them technically.

Protecting birds from energetic Renovation

  • Local authorities must consider wildlife when making planning decisions. Do contribute to the decision-making process with your evidence of the wildlife on the site, but be realistic.
  • A wildlife designation on a site weighs far more heavily than the simple fact that wildlife is present: find out what designations exist locally, or consider whether it is possible to demonstrate that a site should be designated based on accepted criteria.
  • If you think development may go ahead despite your concerns, tell the local authority how  they could use planning conditions to reduce or avoid harm to wildlife, or compensate for lost habitats by creating new areas nearby.

Bird surveys

We create bird surveys. To stay on the safe side.
In a survey we document the test results on the occurrence of breeding birds or active nesting sites.  For example, of Common Swifts (Apus apus).

Facts and principles, findings concerning the actual and desired state and an assessment of the situation will be documented. In addition, proposals for any necessary compensatory measures are developed.